Who is Solid

Founded in 1992, Solid is a Belgian manufacturer of 'wooden structures' and ‘wood products’ for the garden. We offer a wide range of sheds, carports and kiosks, which are sold through the do-it-yourself retail channel as ready-made kits. We distinguish ourselves from most of our competitors because of our direct home delivery service to individual customers and our product assembly option, including wood treatment.  


Solid can also offer you a wide range of timber garden products, such as garden screens, vegetable garden tables, terrace tiles, pergolas and flower boxes.

Facts & Figures

  • Founded in 1992 by Mr & Mrs Leon Ide
  • 2012: 2nd generation Peter Ide
  • Total area of the site Spiere: 7 hectares. Constructed area: 3 hectares.
  • Solid Group production capacity: 100 garden houses/day
  • Establishments: Solid Spiere, Solid Obrzycko (Poland), Savorito (Estonia).

Why choose Solid?

  • "Belgian Made": Belgian craftsmanship and quality
  • Extensive product range
  • Direct home delivery
  • Excellent after sales service

Belgian Made

Production and environmental management as well as logistics, irrespective of the manufacturing country, are based on Belgian values such as reliability, thoroughness and Vision..


Belgian precision in the design and development, quality and process management ensure the provision of high-quality performances and services.

Solid: synonym for sustainable

Solid selects only wood that is submitted by responsibly managed forests, while the residue of our production process is processed into wood chips.


Furthermore, the product used for wood impregnation is free of chromium and arsenic. It corresponds to the prescribed health and environmental standards. Moreover, the impregnation happens in a closed circuit, so there is no mixing with waste water possible.